Environmental Education

Environmental education fosters awareness and knowledge about nature and sustainability, inspiring responsible actions for a healthier planet.

Toxic Free Environement

Advocating for the elimination of harmful pollutants and chemicals to safeguard ecosystems and human health.

Climate Resilience

Climate resilience involves adapting and preparing communities and ecosystems to withstand and recover from the impacts of climate change, building robust defenses against its challenges.

Plastic Pollution

Addressing plastic pollution strives to mitigate the pervasive environmental harm caused by plastic waste, safeguarding ecosystems and aquatic life.

Women's empowerment

Women’s empowerment entails fostering gender equality, enabling women to access opportunities, education, and resources.

Together we can make a difference

AEEFG is a Tunisian national non-profit NGO. It was created since 2011 after the revolution and works to raise awareness of future generations through education. Education is a determining pillar of the near and distant future of a country. The mission of AEEFG is to foster a sustainable healthy environment and resilient education for all.
The AEEFG works for a world where education in its broad sense is a main lever to change the behavior of the population in order to no longer harm human and environmental well-being.
The AEEFG works within the framework of the municipal, national, regional and international context to advocate for standards that guarantee fair conditions in order to limit and compensate for the inequalities that are in most cases the source of the social problems from which most suffer. developing countries.
The mission of the AEEFG is to promote resilient education and a healthy environment for all for 
sustainable development. The AEEFG works for a world where education in its broad sense, is a main 
lever to change the behaviours of the population in order to no longer harm human and 
environmental well-being and a healthy environment without toxic chemicals.  
The experience and expertise of the AEEFG in the fields of education and sustainable development 
have made it possible to collaborate on a national scale with NGOs, national authorities and all other 
stakeholders related to the targeted theme; outside the borders of Tunisia, the AEEFG with the 
acquired expertise, has forged relationships with international networks and international 

Our Mission


AEEFG provides youth and children with effective environmental education and raising awareness


Restrict the production and use of persistent organic pollutants


Prohibt the use of dental amalgam

Women's Empowerment

Women ambassadors for sustainable development.

Plastic Pollution

Reduce plastic pollution and eliminate use if toxic chemicals in plastic.

Lead In Paint

Eliminate lead in paint poisoning worldwide by advocating for his regulation


Prohibit the use of highly hazardous pesticides

Chemicals in Products

Reduce toxic chemicals in consumer products

Climate Change Resilience

Protection of natural resources depletion.

Zero Waste

Sustainable cities

Policy Areas

Stockholm Convention

Basel Convention

Minamata Convention


Rotterdam Convention

UN Environment Convention

Recent Project

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Environmental Education

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Training of Tunisian trainers on Agenda 2030

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Lead in Paint

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Lead in batteries

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